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            聯系人: 溫泉 銷售總經理
            電 話: 0592-7552131
            地 址: 廈門市翔安區馬巷鎮黎安村田邊103號

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            XIAMEN HENGDAFENG MACHINERY CO.LTD is located in the coastal spencialenconomic zones of international tourist city—Xiamen. Our company has modernassembly plants, precision parts processing workshop, and research anddevelopment center (R&D) ,which is a enterprise that specialized inprofessional develop packaging machinery and production , packaging machineryresearch and development as well as production.

             With so many years experience indomestic and international packaging, developing and producing ,our generalmanerger sees “Providing high-qulity packaging machinery for the majority ofusers” as a goal and uphold “experience share, technical support ,and thewhole-hearted servce” as a theory of business,” to keep on increasingdeveloping  greatly. Our company hasbrought a group of domestic professional talent together who can make theproduct upgraded and improved continually ,the large number of these productshave been exported to Southeast Asia and Middle East,Eastern Europe,Europe andAmerica and some other regions.

               All different kinds of new modelof packing machines can be customized by manufactures so as to meet a largenumber of users’ need and selections on purchase in  our company,we will try our best to createthe brand value of “HENGDAFENG”,in order toprovide the best packaging program foryour production.We sincerely welcome  newand regular customers to our company for investigating ,consulting andnegotiating business.

              Our company products are asbelow: high speed auto brand saw; household paper packing machine series; babydiaper packing machine series; pumping tissue packing machine; heat shrinkingmachine;various kinds of sealing machine,sealing and cutting machine; pillowand vertical packing machine series , etc.



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